Bureau d'Expertise Peyman Assassi

Defects and failures

COURT EXPERTISES – Detection of defects and failures

Are you having trouble or a doubt on the construction of your house? While watching the progress of your construction, have you paid too much?

If you notice problems on your building and you are uncertain about the extent of possible damage, the expertise and knowledge of Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi will give you clarity and assist you in solving these problems. After having properly diagnosed the cause on site, you will receive a detailed report. Buildings with no defects at all are rare to find. Environmental conditions, time constraints and cost are a few possible reasons why construction failures could happen.

Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi is specialized in all kind of construction problems from the roof to the foundation, such as paint, scratches, mold, humidity, etc.

We assist private persons and companies:

  • owners and property managers
  • tenants
  • lawyers and courts
  • architects and contractors
  • insurance company

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